Johnny Profile 150x225 Johnny Bruce

Attorney Johnny Bruce is the founder of Bruce Law Group.  He obtained his Kentucky law license in 2006.  A graduate of the Louis D. Brandeis School of Law at the University of Louisville, Mr. Bruce has dedicated his practice to helping individuals in need.  In addition to receiving his Juris Doctorate degree, Mr. Bruce obtained a Master of Business Administration from the University of Kentucky.  This all around education separates Mr. Bruce from many other attorneys in the Louisville area.  Having both a business and legal background allows Mr. Bruce to apply his business and management skills to each and every case he pursues.

For example, Mr. Bruce knows how to represent his clients in the most cost-effective way possible without compromising the quality of his representation.  This minimizes the overall client expenses that would otherwise be deducted at the conclusion of a case when a client receives compensation.  Many law firms may not consider just how costly case preparation can be, remembering that at the end of the day, a client’s share of compensation will be reduced by the total expenses incurred by the law firm.  Mr. Bruce seriously takes this into consideration, which is precisely why he is able to successfully represent injured and harmed clients all throughout the state of Kentucky and elsewhere.

Mr. Bruce primarily focuses his practice on personal injury law, allowing him to devote his time to helping clients receive compensation for the injuries they have suffered. Mr. Bruce’s philosophy is that individuals should not have to suffer at the expense of another’s negligence or reckless and wrongful conduct.