What the Attorneys of Bruce Law Group Can Do For You

When you are injured in Louisville, or other areas of Kentucky, you want an attorney who devotes his or her practice to citizens of Kentucky and those that have been harmed in the state, and who started his or her career in the state of Kentucky.  Both Johnny Bruce and Kevin Monsour received their educations in the state of Kentucky.  These devoted attorneys have a passion for ensuring injured and harmed individuals receive what they deserve.  By representing the injured and oppressed, the attorneys of Bruce Law Group, LLC help to deter negligent and reckless or wrongful misconduct in the state of Kentucky.  Deterrence helps to prevent people from being injured in the future.  While some accidents simply cannot be avoided, a personal injury lawsuit can help people drive safer in those cases where accidents certainly could have been prevented.  The attorneys of Bruce Law Group, LLC also believe that deterrence will encourage people to be more careful in their everyday activities to avoid harming the innocent by their negligent conduct. The attorneys of Bruce Law Group, LLC are young and motivated.  They are up to date on real issues that people are facing in today’s society. They may not have been around for thirty or forty years, but this is actually a key attribute that sets them apart from other Louisville law firms.  Our attorneys are able to move more quickly and spend the time necessary on each case to provide the best representation possible.  Our attorneys do not delegate their tasks to others, but take on the work themselves.  They take pride in being able to fully inform their clients about the progress of the cases and provide the best customer service possible – by placing a close attorney-client relationship at the forefront of Bruce Law Group’s goals. At Bruce Law Group, you aren’t just a number – you are a person with a name that our attorneys will not forget. The attorneys of Bruce Law Group, LLC form personal relationships and remain up to date on each client’s case in an effort to be able to answer any questions a client may have when calling about a case.  Further, our attorneys keep their clients informed by communicating with clients on a regular basis, whether it is a phone call, a letter in the mail, or even an email.  Johnny Bruce and Kevin Monsour have the experience and skill necessary to fulfill their clients’ wishes and provide the best representation available in the state of Kentucky.

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Why Hire Bruce Law Group, LLC For Your Case?

Our Kentucky personal injury lawyers provide serious legal representation for serious personal injuries.  We ensure each and every client receives the respect and attention their case deserves.  We take cases on a contingency fee basis, so you do not have to pay legal fees until after your have been compensated.  We also offer a free, no obligation initial consultation. If you or a loved one has been injured, please contact Bruce Law Group, LLC at (502) 498-8887 to schedule your free and comprehensive consultation.