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We all know just how difficult insurance companies can be.  We need insurance companies in case of serious and even catastrophic events such as automobile accidents, significant damage to our homes, and the need for live-saving medical care.  However, we also pay an enormous amount of money to them in premiums each month, and oftentimes we never have to file claims that make the premiums seem worthwhile.  So, insurance can be our friend, but can also be our biggest stressor.  When you find yourself in a situation where you need to file an insurance claim, the process can often be very long.  Handling an insurance claim, for any reason at all, includes the following steps:
  • Filing the claim with your insurance company, or the insurance company of another;
  • Waiting for the insurance company to investigate the claim, which may include having an insurance adjustor evaluate property damage to your vehicle or your home;
  • Receiving your insurance company’s offer to pay you a certain amount of compensation for the claim that falls within your insurance plan, or receiving notification that your claim has been denied;
  • Negotiating the claim with your insurance company if you do not agree with the offer; and
  • Seeking the help of an attorney to resolve the claim if negotiations fail.
The steps above pertain to insurance claims that generally deal with property damage however, disputes over medical care happen all of the time.  For example, you may believe your medical insurance covers certain hospital care, but your insurance company argues that such care is not covered.  Whatever the dispute may be, the attorneys of Bruce Law Group, LLC will help you reach a fair resolution that provides you with the compensation you deserve.

Why Insurance Disputes Are So Common

Insurance companies do very well financially because they typically never have to pay more than they receive in the form of insurance premiums.  In the event an insurance company makes a payment under a motor vehicle insurance plan, or a homeowners’ insurance plan, the insurance company will justify paying you the smallest amount possible that arguably falls within your plan.  For example, if you have damage to your home after a tornado or hail storm, and file an insurance claim to have the damage fixed, the insurance company may agree to fix the damage but may do so by spending the least amount of money possible.  This means that the quality of the work may not be as good, or it may not be done properly. If you feel like you are being cheated under your insurance plan, then there probably is something wrong.  You have a right to negotiate with your insurance company and ask what you believe is fair compensation to cover a claim that you have filed under your insurance plan.  You do not deserve to be taken advantage of, and the attorneys of Bruce Law Group, LLC will do what it takes to make sure your interests are protected.

Insurance Companies Have A Duty To Act In Good Faith

All insurance companies must investigate a claim in good faith and offer the insured individual with a fair amount that will adequately compensate the individual under the insurance plan.  Oftentimes, insurance companies are found to act in bad faith when they either deny a claim outright, or offer an amount that is grossly inadequate to compensate an individual.  Further, insurance companies must give you a valid reason for either denying a claim outright or offering an unfair amount to settle your claim. For example, if you were the victim of a drunk driving accident, and filed a lawsuit against the drunk driver, the drunk driver’s motor vehicle insurance company has a duty to defend the drunk driver and act in good faith when offering you a certain amount of compensation to cover the cost of your injuries and suffering.  If you were seriously injured and incurred an enormous amount of medical expenses, an offer by the insurance company to pay you an amount well below the total amount of medical expense you have already incurred would be grossly inadequate in bad faith.  Further, if the insurance company offered you an amount before you have even recovered, this would also be a sign that the insurance company has not adequately investigated the claim to determine what the total damages you will have may be.  You could have future medical expenses the insurance company has not even considered. It is unfortunate that insurance disputes are so common, however, the insurance companies have the time and money to fight every single claim.  While one claim for the insurance company is no big deal, one claim for you is very important and very stressful.  When disputes arise between you and an insurance company, you need the assistance of a team of attorneys who will advocate to the fullest extent for your right to receive a fair amount of compensation under your insurance plan, or the insurance plan of another party, if that party is responsible for what has happened to you (whether it be injuries you sustained or damage to your property).  The best thing you can do right away if you are involved in an insurance dispute is read your insurance policy and make sure you fully understand.  The attorneys of Bruce Law Group, LLC will investigate your insurance dispute to ensure the insurance company is complying with the policy in good faith. Serious Legal Representation For Serious Injuries – Call For Your Free Consultation

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