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Being involved and injured in an automobile accident is serious and frightening, and can sometimes result in death.  However, when a drunk driver is the reason for the accident, the situation can be much worse.  The amount of stress, questions of “why and how could this happen,” and dealing with the aftermath, are things that nobody should go through.  However, this is the reality for thousands of people in the U.S. who are severely injured and die each year due to a drunk driver’s irresponsible decision to drive while intoxicated.  The saddest part of drunk driving-related accidents is that they are preventable, and this is one of the most difficult things for victims and their loved ones to accept and overcome. Kentucky has strict drunk driving laws, but people continue to drink and drive every day, feeling invincible.  While the criminal system will take care of one aspect of a drunk driver’s conduct, the civil, tort system will take care of the other side – the side that allows innocent and harmed individuals to recover the compensation they deserve from a drunk driver’s conduct. The attorneys of Bruce Law Group, LLC are skilled personal injury attorneys who have represented clients who are drunk driving victims, as well as family members who have lost loved ones in a drunk driving accident.  No amount of money can erase the feeling and memories of being harmed by a drunk driver, whether you yourself was injured, or whether you lost a loved one due to a drunk driver’s conduct.  Allow our experienced attorneys to help you get through this tough time and help you receive compensation for the harm that you have suffered.

Why Pursuing a Personal Injury Lawsuit Can Help

While the Kentucky criminal system will punish a drunk driver to a certain extent, unless the victim was killed as a result of the accident, many drunk drivers end up back behind the wheel later on in life.  This is scary because you will never know if a drunk driver learned a lesson the first time.  Therefore, because the criminal system is somewhat unpredictable in terms of what the punishment might be for a drunk driver, you should consider filing a personal injury claim to send a message to the drunk driver and others that this type of conduct is unnecessary, preventable, and can result in the death of many innocent victims. At Bruce Law Group, LLC, our attorneys are not filing lawsuits that don’t have any merit.  We only pursue lawsuits that are legitimate and that are likely to succeed.  A drunk driving accident is much less difficult to prove in a court of law than a traditional personal injury lawsuit.  As with any personal injury claim, you may have the option of settling your drunk driving case outside the court room. It is important to understand that when you file a lawsuit against the drunk driver who caused your injuries, the drunk driver’s insurance company will be involved in the lawsuit.  The insurance company has a duty to defend the drunk driver, as it does in any situation where an automobile accident has occurred.  Therefore, the insurance company may offer you a certain amount of compensation to settle the claim. The attorneys of Bruce Law Group, LLC will ensure that the insurance company is acting in good faith and thoroughly investigating the claim when offering you a settlement amount.  Oftentimes, insurance companies offer substantially low amounts that do not fairly compensate the injured victims.  In such cases, it may be best to take your case to trial and have a jury determine what amount of compensation is fair and reasonable.  However, most claims do end up settling out of court, but the ultimate decision is left up to you, the client.

 What Expenses are Associated With A Drunk Driving Accident

As a drunk driving victim, you are stuck with a mountain of medical bills, property damage, lost wages, and pain and suffering that does not go away overnight.  You may require future medical care and counseling to get over the stress of what has happened to you.  A difficult part of pursuing a personal injury claim against a drunk driver is predicting the amount of future medical expenses you may incur.  You also may be out of work for an indefinite period of time due to the injuries you have suffered.  The total amount of money, in addition to the mental stress of being a drunk driving victim, or losing a loved one who was a drunk driving victim, is astronomical.  Most people cannot manage such expenses on their own. In a drunk driving incident that causes harm to another, the only way for the harmed individual to be able to manage all of the expenses is by pursuing a personal injury action.  In addition to recovering your expenses, you may also receive additional compensation simply for your pain and suffering, and even punitive damages in some circumstances.  At Bruce Law Group, LLC, our attorneys will explain to you how the process works so that you are aware of all of your options.  We know that you have many questions, as the process can be very confusing.  The bottom line is that you deserve to be compensated and our attorneys will do our best to fulfill our obligation of representing you to the fullest extent possible. The sooner you speak with one of our attorneys, the better able our attorneys will be to help you recover what you deserve.  We hope that by pursuing a claim against a drunk driver, we help our clients as well as help the community realize that drunk driving is an act of misconduct that unreasonably harms and kills innocent victims. Serious Legal Representation For Serious Injuries – Call For Your Free Consultation

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