Bruce Law Group, LLC – Practice Areas

Bruce Law Group, LLC provides legal services in a variety of areas for Kentucky citizens and individuals that were harmed while in the state of Kentucky.  A common theme among all of the practice areas described below is that all have the key goal of helping individuals who have been harmed.  People who have suffered an injury at the expense of another party, or who have been harmed in an employment-related matter, need a strong voice and advocate to represent their needs and wishes in a valid lawsuit. The attorneys of Bruce Law Group, LLC focus their legal services on the practice areas described below.  However, it is important to remember that if you have suffered an injury or some other type of harm and you do not see it described below, that does not mean Bruce Law Group, LLC cannot help you.  The areas below are the firm’s primary focus, but our attorneys certainly can assist clients who have suffered injuries that fall outside the scope of those listed below.  Please visit our individual practice area pages for a detailed description and explanation of each of the practice areas listed below.